Herbert Grönemeyer

Ahead of the second part of his double concert, Herbert Grönemeyer placed his hand in the MOWOS cement on 22.05.2015:

We've been trying to get hold of him for ages, but finally we’ve done it. Herbert Grönemeyer, after all, has long been a recipient-in-waiting of one of our honours. Since 1993, the versatile artist has drawn 275,000 fans to his eleven concerts (three of which were in the Olympic Stadium) in the Olympiapark. So his MOWOS honour is long overdue!

In a good mood (although he's known for his bad moods too), the German rocker came along for the immortalisation ceremony, shook the hands of everyone involved and listened to the stories and history of the MOWOS. After the ceremony, Grönemeyer was delighted by the mascot and headed off towards the dressing room.

At first unnnoticed, it soon became apparent that something wasn’t quite right! Above the hand prints were the words “A warm greeting”, but not who'd written it - the autograph was missing! The first star to have forgotten to write his name in the stone, which is also something new ... So at least our little name plate makes sense.